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Interesting words that I've found here and there and wanted to save somewhere.

The Words

agathokakological Made up of both good and evil.

aposematism The advertising by an animal to potential predators that it is not worth attacking or eating.

adomania The sense that the future is coming too quickly.

aleatory Dependent on chance.

anamnesis Psychology A recalling to memory; recollection. In philosophy, It is the idea that humans possess knowledge from past https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reincarnations and that learning consists of rediscovering that knowledge within us.

anecdoche A conversation where no one is listening.

apperception The process of understanding something perceived in terms of previous experience.

apricus Exposed to sunlight.

atimos Greek. "Without honor or value".

caliginous Affected with darkness or dimness.

cenotaph A tomblike monument to someone buried elsewhere, especially one commemorating people who died in a war.

conation The aspect of mental processes or behavior directed toward action or change and including impulse, desire, volition, and striving.

drogulus An entity whose presence is unverifiable, because it has no physical effects.

grawlix The character or series of characters that often appear in place of profanity—the graphical version of bleeping out a word, if you will.

hiraeth Welsh word that literally translates into English as 'longing', though in Welsh the concept of yearning for a place removed in space or time is far more powerful and evocative than in English.

hypocorism Diminutive form of a name. Also, "hypocoristicon".

kairosclerosis The moment when you realize you're happy.

keleustes From Greek triremes — "responsible for the training and morale of the crew".

kopfkino Literally, "head cinema. When something in your sensory field sets off a movie inside your head, whether pleasant or unpleasant.

monachopsis The subtle persisting sense of being out of place.

noctilucous Shining in the night.

noctivagant Walking in the night-time.

opia The ambiguous intensity from looking someone in the eye.

pentekontarchos From Greek triremes, "commander of the fifty".

peregrination Journey, sojourn.

rubatosis The unsettling awareness of your heartbeat.

rufescent Reddish in hue, tinged in red.

sonder The realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.

torschlusspanik The fear that time is running out to act, often regarding a life goal or opportunity.

vellichor The strange wistfulness of used book stores.

vicissitude Regular change (day and night) and irregular change (vicissitudes of fortune).

xanthodontous Having yellowed teeth

youstering Festering.

zenosyne The sense that time keeps going faster.