I don't like Twitter. I deleted my account a few years ago and I'm never going back.

Their irresponsible policies around mass moderation and emphasis on lowest-common denominator, widest-possible distribution and interest hoovering make them more of a bullying and marketing platform. No thanks. I want my own place to stick stuff that I'm looking at that isn't stuck in someone's database to scrape and analyze while manipulating my brain's dopamine production to boost some "engagement" stat.

What would that look like, given that I'm not really looking for a place to connect to people (Mastodon?) but more of a "check it out" place that doesn't annoy people too much?

And of course my random experiment is running on NextJS and Vercel. Very addictive combo.

Inspired by http://leahneukirchen.org/trivium/ and https://leahneukirchen.org/anarchaia/ before that.

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    • About page?
    • Tags?
    • Definitely music.
    • Definitely images.