(Updated )


  • Trying to put more of my current thinking into my notes and organize them, even a little bit.
  • Wisps!!

Webby stuff

Video games

  • Hyperblaster
    • A video game written in Love.
  • Gemini Rising
    • On brief hiatus while I work on games that won't take me four more years to complete.
    • Need to write about that hiatus.
  • Beehive.lua
  • Surrender
    • A short game that is entirely a boss fight from an earlier game.
    • On hold.
  • Squeak.lua
    • A lua framework for making games.
  • Generic Platformer
    • Example LÖVE codebase using proto-Squeak and proto-Squick.
  • Squick.lua
    • Don't like that name.
    • Keyboard-accessible UI framework.