(Updated )

The podcasts I can't stop listening to:

Sounds Like Crowes

Hands down my favorite podcast, it's an actual-play podcast of a bunch of folks playing a role-playing game, Savage Worlds. It's heavily edited and well acted and when a new episode comes out I switch to it immediately.

Omen's Call

Made by the same group that makes Sounds Like Crowes, Omen's Call is an actual-play that uses Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. They are playing in the setting of Midgard.

Coffee With Butterscotch

A gamedev comedy podcast by one of my favorite indie studios, Butterscotch Shenanigans. I not only like hearing their takes on the games industry but I also like hearing their approach to devops in managing their studio. A lot of what they say is applicable not just to their industry but the broader software industry at large.

And, I mean, I really liked their game Crashlands (though it took me an embarassingly long time to finish) but the story behind it is an amazing must-watch tear-jerker. My deep respect for all of them lives on so many levels.

Pretending To Be People

A crazy, not-edited-at-all-that-I-can-tell Cthulhuian romp of an actual-play podcast run with a modified Delta Green ruleset. They're weirdly hilarious and smart.

Red Moon Roleplaying

Horror! Creepiness! My best source for KULT actual plays. The GMs, players, and guests are usually fully bought-in to playing the horror vibe and don't mess around.