Diego's Questionnaire

  1. Before you met this crew, who did you hang out with?

When Diego was younger, he lived on the streets of Mexico City among a small herd of street kids doing whatever they wanted and whatever they had to. He was probably closest to Chico, a small guy who was great at looking helpless when he needed to. They use to lie on different roofs at night and watch the stars, make big plans about when they were grown and off the streets. Chico watched him get herded away by his tios from behind a stall, a terrified look plastered all over his face. At night, he sometimes wondered what happened to him.

At his new school he's floated from social group to group, not really settling down with any of them. He watches the other kids and doubts they have serious problems at all, like maybe the most serious thing they worry about is homework or who they're going on a date with on Friday.

  1. What's your character's favourite place in the city?

The public answer is a particular ironwork bench that has somehow managed to escape destruction in the past few dustups downtown. It has a great view of the General Hydrodynamics Memorial Fountain, built by the city to honor the Wave after she managed to save the Red Bay Bridge from crashing into the ocean, destroying a Bay Tours charter. The leaping orcas make a pretty shape that he likes.

The private answer is that one spot on the underside of the Red Bay Bridge. He can reach it by climbing the steel beams sunk into the concrete on the city side, a nearly hundred foot vertical climb that is relatively easy for him, and then a quick scoot a few yards until the ocean is below him. Up there he's closer to the sky and the water, away from anyone who might see, but still close to the action and the thrum of cars zooming by above.

  1. What's something about your character that they haven't shared with the group yet?

Diego is, at most, 14 years old. He's lost track of time during his stay with the tlaloque, but at the time of the ritual he was maybe 11 years old. Physically, he looks older because of the ritual, but his time on this planet does not match his outer appearance. Anubis knows, hence some of the childishness of the "clubhouse". But, also, y'know... Anubis.

I'm not sure about this one yet, but it could be fun. He hasn't talked about his past much except to maybe say "ritual gone wrong" and change the subject. That's its own big deal for him.

  1. Who was your character's first crush (if any)?

Is it Mary or Maichiru? He's pretty sure he's hetero, and he's lately been leaning towards Maichiru... but he might have a crush on her family, mostly? Totally open to a surprise crush on Stellar, though -- an emotional life on the outside despite being "fragile" is something he respects but doesn't know how to express.

He (seems) like a late bloomer but has a sense that he should've already had a crush on someone by now.

  1. When's your character's birthday?

Atlcahualo is Tlaloc's month. That's roughly, kinda, sometime around February or March. How about March 1st? He probably had to pick at some point when Anubis took him in and picked this date without realizing its significance.

  1. Which school subjects are your character's most and least favorite?

He's surprisingly good at math, but has a head for tales and characters and poetry, so is doing very well in English Lit. Science goes right over his head (ha ha). He's been banned from the computer labs at Halcyon High, whose normal shielding repels anything incidental he puts out as long as he's not inside the actual room. He hates history and social studies. He wishes he were better at art.

He's signed up for tutoring math at school, but hasn't had a chance to attend a session yet. He's helped Timberwolf at home.

  1. What are your character's favourite foods?

Enchiladas are the test he uses for any Mexican restaurant, and chorizo and eggs are his comfort food. He adores sushi and dim sum. He likes noodly dishes, but has steered clear of anything too "weird" in Asian cuisine. He doesn't know what he's missing.

  1. What kind of music does your character listen to?

Whole ranges of classical fascinate him -- he finds it powerful and delicate, emotional and refined, overall very moving. He's self-concious of his taste, there. He appreciates pop music. He's a little suspicious of anything that gets too "dancy" or too "oontz oontz oontz"-y, claims that if it doesn't have strings in it (guitar or fiddle or whatever) then how can it pull on your heart?

  1. Describe a hero (not one we've seen yet) that your character admires or respects.

He admires the hell out of The Wave. The level of control she has for elemental water amazes him (she's more knife to his sledgehammer), and the way she reaches out to the community (bypassing local government or corporate middlemen) is an approach he admires, bottom-up. He had a poster of hers up in his room until Anubis teased him about liking her for her outfit, so he took it down.

He thinks he admires Shadow Ash because of how "strong" they seem, how they work alone and get the job done, but that's more projection 'cuz Shadow Ash is actually an insufferable jerk in person.

  1. What does your character fear? What do they love?

He fears that he's "only" a really strong punchy hero, that he's a shallow pool. He fears being vulnerable and asking for help from anyone. He's scared to let people down. He's deathly afraid that the tlaloque will find him and find some way to pull him back and complete the ritual -- what will happen to his self when that happens?

He loves his powers, though: he never gets tired of the scorching purity of lightning or the simplicity of a thunderous punch. He also loves being a part of a team, a family, with people who depend on him and wants that more than nearly anything.