Hi, I'm David. 👋🏽

You've stumbled on my notes.

This is my Digital Garden that doesn't have a lot of foliage or paths yet. Once things get a little more green around here I'll put some signs up.

Meanwhile, might make sense to check out Projects to get an idea of what I'm doing these days.

There's also Podcasts to see what I'm listening to.

There's some fun to be had in Jokes or Words.

Check out the #quote tag for quotes I've gathered from here or there, or the #principle tag for ideas that are important to me. The #notes tag is super meta.

I try to keep my #bibliography up-to-date, but no guarantees.

There could be something brewing over in #rpg. And, ironically enough, there tends to be stuff moving around in #text, too.

I'm following in others' footsteps, particularly this fine fellow. Let's see where it gets me.

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